• Address:  Rua João Vieira de Jesus n/143, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
  • Phone:  +5573988662856
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Trancoso is a charming city. They are beaches with warm and transparent waters that mirror the sky; cliffs, coconut groves, mangroves, rivers, the mixture of races and creeds, in addition to the strong historical appeal, the "cradle of a new people" that make Trancoso one of the most fashionable destinations in the country.

With colorful buildings, from the time of discovery (typical urbanization of the Jesuits, XVI century), a smile is inevitable. And only those who have the opportunity to sit on one of the colorful chairs that are all over the Square and see the capoeira circle that forms, the football game, the horse ride and watch time go by in golden tones and in the movements of children playing.

Crossing the Quadrado towards the church of São João Batista (1586) ... wind, fresh air and a view of the natives' beach - the golden sand and the blue sea of ​​sky just don't look like a painting because of the swaying of the coconut trees there down or a canoe and another one strolling down the river.

The Quadrado

In fact it is the cauldron of the village discovered by hippies in the 70s. One comes and goes calmly from people from all corners of the world and Brazil. Restaurants, bars, craft shops, ateliers and inns occupy buildings from the time of discovery (at least the facades remain original). At night, the lighting of candles, a small bar and a sound in the Quadrado go well. And to return to the imaginary scene of paradise, just look at the sky and see it covered with stars.


The beaches of Nativos and Coqueiros are very close to the center of the village, the rest must be covered on foot or by boat, as they are protected by the Trancoso River and a large mangrove area, which prevents the passage of cars. About 12 km of beach connect the districts of Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso and walking from one to the other is a good option.